Upgrading PostgreSQL on Cpanel Server

Guide available for CentOS / Fedora / RHEL

  • Make sure if you have postgresql intalled
    rpm -qa | grep postgres | tee /root/rpm_pgsql

    The above will list all the installed postgresql rpm packages and store the output to /root/rpm_pgsql. You can use this list to remove all the postgresql related rpm later.

  • Backup all your databases
    su postgres -
    mkdir backups 
    pg_dumpall > /var/lib/pgsql/backups/postgresql_backup

    exit will logout from the postgres user

  • Now stop the postgrsql daemon using the following command
    /sbin/service postgresql stop
  • Backup the whole database folder
    mv /var/lib/pgsql /var/lib/pgsql_old
  • Remove the old rpms using rpm -e, you can use the previously stored /root/rpm_pgsql to remove the postgresql rpm and its depended, for example the perl-DBD-pg depends on it. So you will be removing the /root/rpm_pgsql list + perl-DBD-gpFor example, it might differ on your servers
    rpm -e rh-postgresql-server
    rpm -e rh-postgresql
    rpm -e rh-postgresql-devel
    rpm -e rh-postgresql-python
    rpm -e rh-postgresql-libs
    rpm -e perl-DBD-Pg
  • Download the new version of postgreSQL from the postgresql download site into
    /usr/local/src or any directory you prefer.
  • After you have download the postgreSQL rpms from PostgreSQL download site.
    Download the following rpms


    To install

    rpm -Uhv postgresql*.rpm
  • After you have installed the new postgreSQL rpms login to WHM usinghttps://ip:2087
    under the SQL service Menu
    Postgres Config
    Install new configuration and change the password
  • To restore the old databases
    psql template1 < /var/lib/pgsql_old/postgresql_backup_file

    The above will restore the databases

  • Notes: This is a manual installation, on the current cPanel 11, /scripts/installpostgres will definitely do the job, the guide is pretty old, but still, this should be very easy to do.
  • VERY CAREFUL, in order to have apache/php working with postgres, you have to recompile, either from WHM, either from shell, with postgres support.

Original guide here

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