– Destined enterprises – untrained monkeys

Ladies and gentlemen, i understand that you can’t afford to pay full time your employees, but please do train your stupid monkey employees.

I do webhosting, and i am hosting several adult websites, and image hosting projects. Everything is cool, but you know from time to time abuse happens. It seems that someone uploaded thumbnails with adult pics, on one of the imagehosting websites. What happens now? Well, we have the brave idiots from, who claim they fight piracy, so they keep sending abuse mails to my datacenter. I sent them around 6 mails, because the datacenter mails were being forwarded to my ISP, then to me, and it makes me really look bad. Anyways. as a good guy that i am, i decide to mail them back, and ask them to contact the domain owner.

Figure that out, that the monkeys at do read emails but their limited grey matter, makes them impossible to reply in a professional manner, to the mails sent. Why am i saying this? Because i got this reply dear gentlemen, today. This reply shows the real deal inside their so called joke company: Watch and learn


Whoa there ladies ! Go FUCK YOURSELF ? Are you kidding me ? What a joke of a company. And to think about it, someone actually PAYS THEM FOR THIS !

Hell, if anyone needs similar services, contact me for a quote please, and i will have my team to work to provide the same services at 75 % of the price they give you.

Anyway … this is very very sad. And to think about it … i could have just replied them now to ask them to send the abuse requests to me directly, but i think i will just have to add the addresses to the spam firewalls.

Guys … think well, think nice, and most of all … think carefully when you’re paying some of these monkeys to do the work you expect, because they will simply rip you off.

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  1. Tom Toy says:

    This Eric guy is a scam, an unprofessional person that would take your money and never do things the right way. He actually annoyed many of the owners that paid him and they end up leaving his shady site/service . Thus now he uses the old collected info from these companies that left him and claim he still own the copyrighted material to these sites and he proceed with dmca take down notice. If these company got annoyed enough from this loser, he will be sued for sending false claims

    Thanks for the info

  2. Mike says:

    Got lots of troubles from him also. VERY unprofessional behaviour!
    It took me too long to understand he is a scam though. At first glance everything was quite accurate and in order but later on…..


    Ok.. Here’s the deal. I’m tired of policing your board for hosted
    copyrighted content. You can either make a do-not-post list and
    enforce it.. or ignore our request and we’ll move forward with
    legal action. Copyright infringement is a very serious crime..
    although many do not believe it. I can send you a list if clients
    who are not to be posted, or I can start sending all the hosted
    infringement over to their lawyers. Lemme know.

    Eric Green
    Removeyourcontent, LLC

  3. admin says:

    Mike , i suggest you ignore them, and let them drown themselves. They are retarded.

  4. Alex says:

    I have caught them sending takedown notices of content they do not have the rights to and if that happens again i will sue their ass. As you already stated they are unprofessional and will get in trouble sooner or later.

  5. admin says:

    @Alex – i keep wondering who hires them anyways. they suck so badly.

  6. sofeels says:

    “Aggelos Pantazopoulos”
    now I feel ashamed for my country and my people.. seriously… -.-

  7. hunter says:

    yeah, i did receive the same thing, but i dont know who the sender, i just host in blogspot, and mediafire send me DCMA letter.. of cos i’ll be scared the shit outta me, cos i dont want live in jail..

  8. ShotgunWilly says:

    I’d think that this is what counter DMCA notices are for… heh.

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