You are using WordPress 2.7-beta2 ! Wohoo

Right. I have to speak up a bit for the new stuff that it’s available in WP 2.7.

1 – ALL NEW dashboard. This is totally freakin awesome. The guys who worked this out should be given an award. It’s so intuitive, menu in the left, with AJAX drop down buttons, the menus simplified, and made WAY more intuitive than before.


2 – The auto-update feature could use some work. I would love to see live progress on what happens when the WP is being updated, and for some reason i got no result when i did the auto-update.

3 – All plugins work perfectly, so far.

4 – I love the quickpress 🙂 The new quick way to add a post to the blog.

5 – Sticky posts. When posting a new subject, you can make posts sticky to the main page. Don’t think this was in 2.6, but can’t remember this now also 🙂

6 – That’s about it. All in all … it works! Happy blogging.