Centos5 OpenSSL 1.0.1 install

Okay, so i have a few servers, that i got centos5 on them. I know i know i should update them, but since they are quite a few of them and nothing is wrong with Centos5 just yet, except for the fact that it’s going to be EOL soon, i am still doing work on them.

I need to use the SPDY protocol with nginx on these boxes, so naturally, i need openssl 1.0+. Since Centos5 comes by default with openssl 0.9.8,  this is rather tricky to do without breaking other stuff on the server. Luckily, the guys at Axivo  did an amazing job, and i hope they will keep the repo for Centos5 alive as it’s still pretty damn useful, so here it goes:

First, add the axivo rpm for centos5:

rpm -ivh –nosignature http://rpm.axivo.com/redhat/axivo-release-5-1.noarch.rpm

Make sure the 64bit version of openssl is installed, and remove all that i686 crap, we’re in 2014. For safety, just make sure you’re not using something in the list you’re presented for removal:

yum remove openssl.i686

Update openssl to 1.0.1

yum –enablerepo=axivo update openssl


WordPress 2.9.1

Uite ca a aparut rapid si WordPress 2.9.1, iar upgrade automat din interfata a mers perfect, la fel ca si versiunile precedente. Motive pentru care fac upgrade la fiecare versiune ? Well de obicei schimbarile de la o versiune mai veche, la una mai noua, sunt mai riscante, si cu cat astept mai mult, cu atat mai multe sanse de a fute blogul exista.

In aceasta versiune se corecteaza bugurile de la scheduled posts, si alte minor bugs. Pacat ca inca nu merge Simple Tags, dar asteptam si pt el un update. Momentan ma tot chiorasc la: Simple Tags can’t work with this WordPress version !

Gata vacanta

Okay, vacanta e gata, si asta e ultimul update pana ajung inapoi in Cehia. Vacanta “so called vacanta” e gata, finished, kaput. Acuma inca 2 zile aproape pe drum, oboseala and shit.

Cu ce m-am ocupat sambata si duminica? Sambata a fost super fun. Am mers la un orasel de pe plaja, la vreo 150 km de capetown, si ne-am dus la shark diving 😀 Adica ne-am bagat in cusca, si sa stam sa vedem rechini. Am fost norocosi, si am vazut 11 rechini. Amazing stuff.

Duminica sucked big time, am mers la un so called safari, wtfever. Imi vreau inapoi cele 8 ore pierdute din viata mea. Bine ca nu am cedat si la insistentele de a vedea balene, ca atunci chiar o luam razna.

M-am ars pe fatza de la soare. Ustura ca dracu.

Dimineata avem avionu, so see ya around. O sa incep saptamana asta sa postez materiale, ca am o tona de videos/poze, dar internetu de aici sucks rau, cum am mai spus in cateva ocazii, asa ca nici o sansa.