South Park goes HD on 360

First-ever high-definition episode of animated comedy to be available free over Xbox Live Marketplace for a limited time; uncensored episodes to follow next week.

Starting tomorrow and for a limited time, Xbox Live members will be able to get lowbrow humor in high definition for free. Microsoft and Comedy Central today announced that starting tomorrow, Xbox Live members will be able to download an episode of South Park in HD from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The episode, “Good Times With Weapons,” follows the series’ grade-school protagonists as they purchase “authentic” ninja weapons from the flea market and promptly (though unintentionally) use them to injure a schoolmate. The boys are then faced with a dilemma, as they weigh the benefits of seeking medical help for their friend against the drawbacks of being grounded for buying the weapons in the first place.

“Good Times With Weapons” will be available for free for two weeks. DVD copies of the episode in HD will also be given away with the purchase of an Xbox 360 console or HD DVD drive from Best Buy between March 20 and April 3.

In another first for the series, starting next Tuesday, the latest episodes of the 11th season of South Park will be made available on the Marketplace uncensored. Season 11 premieres on Comedy Central this Wednesday with the debut of “With Apologies to Jesse Jackson,” in which “the ‘N’ bomb hits South Park and Cartman fights a midget.”

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