Suicide bomber kills 12 in Kirkuk

 A suicide bomber blew up a truck near a primary school and police station in Iraq’s northern oil city of Kirkuk killing 12 people, including a baby.

Another 178 people were wounded in the blast that caused extensive damage at a time when US troops were apparently visiting the police station, Kirkuk district police commander Major General Torhan Yussef Abdul Rahman said.

Many of the wounded were pupils at the nearby school and local residents.

The suicide bomber blew up the truck outside the criminal investigations department in the north Kirkuk district of Rahimawa.

Ambulances in the city used loudspeakers to call on people to go to hospitals to donate blood following the attack.

Separately, a roadside bomb targeting a police patrol in south Kirkuk wounded five policemen.

Insurgent attacks are common in Kirkuk, which sits atop a third of the country’s oil resources and is home to a fractious ethnic and sectarian mix.

Longstanding Kurdish demands for the city to be incorporated into their autonomous region in northern Iraq are due to be put to a referendum before the end of the year.

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