Ma mut in Rusia

Azi dimineata cand m-am apucat sa imi beau cafeaua, am deschis si readerul, si am gasit compilatia a doua de russian crash la fulgerica. E peste puterile mele de intelegere, ca intr-o tara in care sunt atatea masini … nah nu e ca in Alba Iulia unde ai o strada si restul stradute mici, deci intelegem de ce soferii cu numar de alba nu prea au treaba cu semnele de circulatie, dar daca te uiti in videoclipul de mai jos … eu am avut impresia ca ori conduc legati la ochi pentru ca e mai multa adrenalina si rusii au nevoie constant de senzatii tari, ori au masinile conduse de maimute, altfel nu pot sa imi explic cum poti sa dai cu spatele np, desi te claxoneaza ala din spate de numa, si te opresti doar cand i-ai facut redesign la capota, sau cum poti sa intri ca ghiolbanu` in intersectie / pom like … fie ce-o fi. M-as muta in Rusia pt asa actiune. Ne dam jos dupa accident, si incepem sa ne pizdim fanatic in duel intergalactic(*).

iPhone – iti urmareste fiecare miscare

Tocmai am citit un articol interesant aici.

Se pare ca nenea Steve Jobs s-a gandit ca ar fi foarte frumos, daca toate produsele mobile de genul iPhone sau iPad, ar inregistra tot ce fac utilizatorii. Chestia a fost un secret total timp de cateva luni, pana acum, cand 2 cercetatori in securitate au descoperit ca daca cineva iti fura iPhone-ul sau iPad-ul, poate verifica 100 % accurate, absolut tot pe unde ai umblat in ultimele luni. Si nici macar nu e greu de facut chestia asta.

Nu vi se pare un pic cam privacy invasion ? Sa zicem ca cineva care nu ii place de fata ta, si e un pic mai paranoic, iti fura iPhone-ul … si verifica tot pe unde ai fost, unde ti-s parintii, unde ti-s copiii, unde ti-e serviciul, daca ti-ai schimbat apartamentul unde e, obiceiurile tale zilnice, chestii care pe un om l-ar face vulnerabil totusi.

Nu stiu cum va simtiti voi, dar mie nu mi se pare ok treaba asta. So, my next phone device – Hello Samsung Galaxy SII. Nu de alta, dar am mai multa incredere intr-un sistem de operare care e open source, pe care milioane de oameni l-au disecat, si l-au pus sub lupa. Plus de asta, nu imi convine sa fiu urmarit constant de device-ul pe care am dat cateva sute de dolari.

Enjoy your iDevices girls.

Japonia – Africa – comparatii stupide

Toata lumea e deja la curent cu criza din Japonia, cu numarul de oameni care au murit, si cati sunt dati disparuti. Multe natiuni au sarit in ajutor, dar pe langa toate astea, au sarit in sus o gramada de oameni cu idei de genul:

In Japonia au murit 4000 oameni, si suntem oripilati – in Africa mor 16000 copii pe ora -> nu ne pasa.

Raspunsul meu la chestia asta e: fratilor, dupa ce ca sunteti saraci si lenesi de pute pamantul sub voi, pt ce va mai si futeti atata de faceti 15 copiii si dup-aia va mor de foame pe langa casa ?

Uite ce fac japonezii:

Pac dupa cutremur, la 4 zile, drumul arata la fel ca inainte, si nu lipsesc nici pomisorii de pe mijlocul lui.

Cum traiesc africanii in 2011 ?  Uite asa:

Pai mai oameni buni, explicati-mi si mie pe cine ai chef sa ajuti ? Pe unii care asteapta ajutoare si traiesc in aceleasi conditii si nu pun mana sa munceasca, pt ca ei sunt saraci ? Sau ajuti acolo unde oamenii chiar merita sa fie ajutati ?

Nu stiu daca ati observat, dar Japonia cat e ea de mica, a avut un impact devastator asupra burselor din intreaga lume. Absolut toate stocks pe care le monitorizez au avut scaderi dramatice de 10 – 20 %. Oare de ce ? Pentru ca Japonia chiar e o tara care are importanta. Japonia a adus o gramada de avansuri in robotica, si tehnologie in general, pentru ca oamenii de acolo muncesc, si nu stau sa astepte ajutoare de la UN si de la cei la care li se face mila, si pt ca nu stau in niste case construite din tufe, in mizerie si se asteapta sa fie sanatosi.

Asa ca domnilor si domnisoarelor care sunteti atat de orbi incat sa nu vedeti, va rog eu frumos sa ganditi un pic si cu creierul, si nu doar sa comparati evenimentele superficial. Ajut pe cine merita, nu pe cine asteapta sa primeasca ajutor, si sa nu dea nimic in schimb.

Va multumesc

EasyDNS – my reply part 2

Hi there,

I understand that you really think you deserve 20 $ more per year, but i think you not. I think you should have thought about the services offered, prices, and not come and bump prices because you thought it would be just appropriate. It’s not a matter of principle, it’s a matter of what you are doing as a service provider. I offer a wide range of services myself: webhosting, shell hosting, ircd, and i also run a website analytics project in which we are planning to add some paid features as well, however i never came to my customers and said: hey you know what, i would like to charge you more for the same stuff i am providing.

Know why i haven’t done that ? Because i would have a lot of pissed off customers, questioning my practices, and my business as a whole, and ofcourse cancelling my services, because i am just mocking them.

If i wanted to run my own DNS service, i can simply get some cheap 10 $ VPS, and get to 120 $ a year, and i can ensure you deeply that it will not even sweat on 1 million queries a month, or even a day. I actually know what load a dns server puts on the actual hardware, and considering that my quad core 8 gb ram machine is running about 500 dns zones, with absolutely no sweat, i guess that vps i would buy would do the trick as well. But no i decided to go pro, and buy a premium dns service, and after a while you decide you can’t support the costs. Seriously ?

No i will not accept any higher charge even though it’s just 20 $ a year. If you don’t like it this way, i will find myself a new dns provider once my term is up.

Have a great day.

EasyDNS fuck off part 2 – support email

Hi there,

We’re definitely sorry to hear you’re so upset over this.

While we understand that you have become used to paying a certain amount for this service, it is no longer feasible for us to provide high bandwidth services for a low-bandwidth fee.

I’m not certain where you garnered the impression that you would need to pay the same as you would for a dedicated server (a service which usually goes for at least $1000/yr). The service level recommended is to switch from DNS Only to DNS Pro, a difference of $20/ yr. This will allow you an additional 3 million queries a month.

I realize we have provided a very inexpensive service, and we will continue to do so, but one which is in line with industry standards, which have for some time been usage-based rather than zone-based.

For the past several years, we have been providing service to some users at, effectively, a loss, and we cannot continue that business model.

Before making the decision to switch, I would strongly advise you to take a look at the following site

These folks list the costs for domains with many of the major DNS providers globally, including noting their coverage and redundancy and their price per million queries. I believe you’ll find that our prices are not only competitive, but significantly lower than anyone even approaching the level of coverage and support we provide.

If you’d like to speak with us directly, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone. While we have made this choice with the knowledge that it is both necessary and fair, we know it’s a big change for a minority of users such as yourself, and we would enjoy the opportunity to discuss it with you before you make any final decisions.


Arnon Clark

Our toll free number in Canada and the USA is +1 (888) 677-4741, from the UK we can be reached toll free through 0-8000-321943. If you are in Toronto or outside of Canada/US/UK our local number is +1 (416) 535-8672. Telephone support is available 8:30am to 6:00pm EST Mon to Fri and from 12:00pm to 6:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

EasyDNS e-mail response 1

Oh boy, here we go:

Are you kidding me ? This has become hilarious, this constant chain of e-mails updating me about my dns becoming over quota ?

Since when do i have to pay for dns service as much as i have to pay for a freaking dedicated server. You are aware that a dns server can hold tens of thousands of domains ? This is a freaking rip-off ?

For your information i do not believe you should add those charges because as far as you know there are countless of dns providers out there, and they don’t do such outrageous things like increasing the price. For what ? For DNS ? Are you crazy ?

Just so you know i pay 150 $ a year for DNS service for 10 domains. I could have chosen, everydns, both of them which are very good and reliable providers, but i said i should pay a premium price and get premium services.

150 $ is MORE than enough for dns service, and i am not paying a cent more for this. If you don’t like it, kiss my 150 $ goodbye, and i can find a new provider that gives me the same services for the same or less amount of cash like np.

In case i haven’t been acid enough with my statements, i consider this a rip-off, the fact that you are telling us the normal users that you have to up the charges for dns and to have a quota for the queries. you’re charging as much as a freaking webhosting company which does provide access to a bunch of resources, when you just serve some simple dns queries.

Once again, my price stays the same, or we part ways.

Have a great evening/day
One pissed off easyDNS customer

EasyDNS fuck off

Recently i got some retarded e-mails from easydns. Read and laugh:

Dear easyDNS Member,

On Friday you received a notice that your domain query usage in January was
on track to incur additional DNS charges, as previously announced on our
blog last year:

As fate would have it, it turned out that those numbers we cited in Friday’s
email were wrong. A hardware upgrade in the collection system resulted in our
queries tracking to massively inflate the numbers for Jan 13 and 14th, leading
to query counts an order of magnitude higher than they should have been.

We deeply regret this error. Your corrected usage is as follows:

Last month the usage for your domain GTOP.RO was 1,711,999 queries

Action required:
Upgrade to DNS Pro required, which will add $20/year

Under our plans, if your domain is using “DNS Only” service, your quota is
1 million queries per month, “DNS Plus” domains receive 5 million queries
per month (these two tiers cover approximately 98% of the domains on our

You are receiving this email because your current usage needs to be
brought into line with either the DNS Pro tier, or the Enterprise Level.

If this DNS usage is normal for this domain, you should begin making plans
to upgrade. To achieve all the benefits of that upgrade, you should migrate
to the new platform.

You can see how to migrate a domain to the new platform here (you can also
contact support, who will be happy to migrate your domain for you).

We do not expect you to make these upgrades in a vacuum. There are numerous
benefits to migrating AND upgrading which we are highly confident you will find
more than worth it.

A full feature list of the new system is available here:


Your domain usage was 1,711,999 queries

Action Required:
Upgrade to DNS Pro required, which will add $20/year

If your usage is above 1M per month but below 5M per month:

You should upgrade to “DNS Pro” on the new platform (the equivilent of “DNS Plus”), which comes with the following:

* 5 million DNS queries per month
* 3 anycast constellations with 19 nameservers deployed globally
* DNS Failover and host monitoring capabilities
* easyMAIL: 10 hosted IMAP boxes included with your domain
* Outbound SMTP: up to 250 messages per day.

If your usage is above 5M per month:

You should upgrade to our “Enterprise DNS” offering, which prices at an extremely competitive $2/million queries.

Enterprise DNS comes bundled with all of the above mentioned DNS Pro features,
as well as:

* A fourth anycast strand putting your domain on 25 global nameservers worldwide
* 24×7 after hours emergency contact
* 100% DNS uptime SLA


* We only count successful queries and discard any queries for
non-existent hostnames or other failed queries.

* We take the top 5 days’ queries for the month, discard them, and
replace them with the average of the remaining days. This smoothes
out any traffic spikes and won’t penalize you for getting publicity
(i.e. slashdot effect, digg effect, techcrunch-ed)

I hope you have derived enormous benefit from our services over the years,
and I sincerely hope we can continue to provide the rock solid DNS
infrastructure for your domain that you have become accustomed to.


Please reach out to us before you make any decisions. If you have any experience
dealing with us over the years, you know we’re pretty reasonable:

* We can take a look at your usage and see if there are ways to lower it. (Maybe
your TTL is set too low. We can fix that and watch your usage drop dramatically).

* Perhaps we could exchange placement of a banner or crest on your website to
offset some of your DNS costs. We are known to donate DNS services to
non-profits, charities and good causes.

If you have any questions or concerns around this, please do not hesitate to
email me directly.


Mark Jeftovic, President & CEO
easyDNS Technologies Inc.

vlc 1.1.4 – memory leak – nu fa upgrade

Daca folosesti VLC, nu ar trebui sa faci upgrade la 1.1.4. Folosesc win 7 64 bit, si cand am vrut sa ma uit la un film blu-ray, mi-a cam inghetat compul. Task Manager spune destule:

LE: ciudat. problema nu e in VLC, ci in film… l-am deschis si cu media player, si urca memory usage la 4 gb. Acum caut sa vad care ii problema. This is so weird.

Super FAIL – cum pierzi un Shelby

Romani exista si prin State, si cand ma refer la “Romani” ma refer la mentalitatea de a face un ban putin si mic, pierzand ocaziile mari care trec pe langa tine.

Dar hai sa explicam simplu. cum poti sa pierzi un Shelby:

Mergi la QuakeCon, si acolo biletul de loterie pentru a castiga un Ford Shelby, il vinzi pentru 200 $. Ce se intampla 2 minute mai tarziu ? Vedeti in clipul de mai jos 😀

Quakecon 2010: Attendee Blunder of the Year from Daniel Harris on Vimeo.

Nu pricep

E o chestie pe care nu o inteleg … atunci cand folosesti un serviciu, si ceva nu merge, dar tu continui sa folosesti serviciul ala, sau vrei neaparat sa il folosesti, nu dai un click pe butonul de feedback sa spui: “ba prostilor vedeti ca aia nu mere! fix it” ?

Nu de alta dar ma minunez cand gasesc bugs in GTop, unde sunt peste 10 000 site-uri active momentan, tinand cont ca sunt o tona de oameni care il folosesc zi de zi si totusi contul de mail cu rapoarte e aproape gol. Uf uf … Romania …