yml Quality of life – change nano tabs space

So i recently had to start working with yml files and that stuff needs to use “spaces” as indentation.

In order to stop with Heroes of clickers, i needed to have tab just do 2 spaces on a press instead of the default 8.

To get that done, you have to edit the “nanorc” file, usually in /etc/nanorc and change the variables below to your liking:

## Use this tab size instead of the default; it must be greater than 0.
set tabsize 2

## Convert typed tabs to spaces.
set tabstospaces

nano / pico replace text

Dunno why i haven’t used this earlier. There have been some instances when i had to search and replace some text in nano or pico (i can’t get accustomed to nano, so i always symlink nano to pico lol). Anyway here it goes:

Press: Ctrl + \

After that it’s pretty self explanatory:
Enter your search term [press return]
Enter your replacement term [press return]

You can either press Y to see every instance getting replaced, or take the easy route and press A [to replace all instances].

Enjoy your new found nano / pico skills.