Upgrade perl 5.12 / 5.14 to 5.16 or later on FreeBSD – How to

So if you’re me, and you’re using ports for everything on a FreeBSD server, you will notice pretty soon that the perl is kinda out of date, compared to current.

What can we do about it ? It’s fairly easy but it took a few trial and errors till i got the things rolling:

pkg set -o lang/perl5.14:lang/perl5.16 or pkg set -o lang/perl5.12:lang/perl5.16

portupgrade -o lang/perl5.16 -f perl-5.14.\* or  portupgrade -o lang/perl5.16 -f perl-5.12.\*

portupgrade -rf perl*

Do, did, done

Centos5 OpenSSL 1.0.1 install

Okay, so i have a few servers, that i got centos5 on them. I know i know i should update them, but since they are quite a few of them and nothing is wrong with Centos5 just yet, except for the fact that it’s going to be EOL soon, i am still doing work on them.

I need to use the SPDY protocol with nginx on these boxes, so naturally, i need openssl 1.0+. Since Centos5 comes by default with openssl 0.9.8,  this is rather tricky to do without breaking other stuff on the server. Luckily, the guys at Axivo  did an amazing job, and i hope they will keep the repo for Centos5 alive as it’s still pretty damn useful, so here it goes:

First, add the axivo rpm for centos5:

rpm -ivh –nosignature http://rpm.axivo.com/redhat/axivo-release-5-1.noarch.rpm

Make sure the 64bit version of openssl is installed, and remove all that i686 crap, we’re in 2014. For safety, just make sure you’re not using something in the list you’re presented for removal:

yum remove openssl.i686

Update openssl to 1.0.1

yum –enablerepo=axivo update openssl


ld:/usr/src/sys/conf/ldscript.amd64:9: syntax error

So, with the previous BSD 8.3 to 9.1 upgrade botched, i did a second one, and this time it worked pretty much without issues, however:

1 – As usual, i had all ports upgraded and sorted out whatever pkgdb issues existed, or ports that did not want to build.

2 – REBUILD and INSTALL the GENERIC kernel. Usually works by doing freebsd-update fetch && freebsd-update install and reboot.

3 – run freebsd-update to upgrade to 9.1

4 – After all the install is finished, if you get: ld:/usr/src/sys/conf/ldscript.amd64:9: syntax error if you are trying to recompile the kernel to add ipfw capability for instance, then you need to do the following:

cd /usr/src;make buildworld && make buildkernel KERNCONF=katmai_amd64 && make installkernel KERNCONF=katmai_amd64
make installworld

where katmai_amd64 is my custom kernel, but you should have your own.

It seems that doing buildworld actually builds the necessary “build toolchain” used for the buildkernel portion (the results are in /usr/obj).  Failure to do that results in the buildkernel its using the already-installed-on-the-system compiler/build toolchain (e.g. the stuff in /usr), which may not be compatible with the version of the kernel source you’re trying to build.

Fatal error: Error: cannot open phar php-5.2.10

If you’re compiling php 5.2.10 and you get this error, you probably are trying to install pear also:

Fatal error: Error: cannot open phar “/root/kit/php-5.2.10/pear/install-pear-nozlib.phar” in /root/kit/php-5.2.10/pear/install-pear-nozlib.phar on line 795

There are 3 solutions for this:

1 – get the latest snapshot of php 5.2.10, from https://snaps.php.net/ which solves this bug,

2 – install php without pear and curlwrappers.

3 – downgrade back to php 5.2.9

I find solution 1 to be the best there is. Seems that upgrade is not always as easy as it should be.

WordPress 2.8

Am facut si eu azi upgrade la wordpress 2.8. Din cate am citit pe changelog, imbunatatirile sunt mai mult de natura “under the hood”, ceea ce e bine. Nu imi dau seama daca merge mai rapid momentan, pentru ca nu sunt wp-admin junkie sa tot dau refreshuri sa vad clickurile, si vizitele, dar momentan ma simt happy, ca nu imi mai apare notice-ul ala enervant sus 🙂

Partea buna e ca toate pluginurile par sa mearga perfect, asa ca macar nu a fost un upgrade cu probleme. Bineinteles ca am rulat un binecunoscut /scripts/pkgacct inainte, ca sa nu stam cu ochii in soare, si sa asiguram un restore rapid.

Anyways. Azi sunt busy cu setarea unui nou server de shells, asa ca more or less 0 blogging 🙂

WordPress 2.7 beta 2 is here. Wohoo !

WordPress 2.7 beta 2 is here. Wohoo ! Let’s hope it doesn’t break too many plugins 🙂 Considering i haven’t even yet updated to 2.6.3, i am pretty much excited about the 2.7 version. What i am most psyched about, is the easy update feature in the admin side. I mean … most software you find today are web auto-update enabled. It was time for wordpress to do it as well.

Anyway. Check out the new features:

  • he Upload button didn’t always show. Fixed.
  • JS on the Dashboard broke for blogs with no comments, causing several UI elements to “freeze”. Fixed.
  • Recent Drafts Dashboard module didn’t show correct times. Fixed.
  • Various Autosave fixes.
  • Redirect after deleting a page from the editor went back to the deleted page. Fixed.
  • Fixed loading of translations for default TinyMCE plugins.
  • Added avatars to the edit users list.
  • Added some missing translations.
  • Fixed some validation errors.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings and notices.
  • Handle inconsistent file permissions during auto upgrade
  • Change Publish box layout to better accommodate internationalized text
  • Fix quick editing of the last page in the Edit Pages list
  • Fix Screen Options for IE
  • Fixes for choose tag from tag cloud
  • Rewrite rules fixes for certain hosts
  • Don’t check for updates on every page load
  • Easier post box dropping
  • Preview fixes
  • RTL fixes
  • Fixed broken wp-mail
  • Plugin update and install fixes
  • First draft of contextual help tab